Terms and Conditions for driving instruction and driving lessons with Smiths Driving Academy are handed to pupils on their first lesson. You may preview the document here

Prices for Driving lessons on request. Hourly payments or block booking discounts available. Cheque, Paypal or direct transfer accepted. Since Covid cash now not preferred

Hours of business are flexible as are length of driving lessons, usually variable to the nearest 1/4hr between 1 and 2 hours. Unlike some driving instructors in Maidenhead and Slough, we rarely charge for lesson cancellations if given reasonable notice. Flexible pickup and drop down locations. No piggy back driving lessons, pupils have our undivided attention! 

Mon - Fri: 7am - 9pm

Sat: 12 noon- 6pm

Sun: 3pm - 7pm




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Tony is responsible for Smiths Driving Academy's instructional training and continued development. One of the best Driver Instructor trainers in the country